Who are we?
We are the official apparel line for those who love Detroit for what it is, what it was and what it is becoming. Fist of Detroit Apparel represents the pride, inner strength, and fighting spirit of the people of Detroit. We are a blue-collar town. We aren't flashy and we let our actions do the talking. This is what we do…

What do we sell? 
T-shirts, hoodies, thermals, infant onesies, tank tops, hats, women's tunics and more… We will soon (Spring 2037) be selling Corvette time machines too, but we are still tweaking our patented Flux Capacitor Translation Valve.

When did we start doing what we are doing?
December of 2009 (That's well over 1,000 days!)

Where can you find us?
We are in stores all over southeast Michigan!

The Detroit Shoppe - Detroit - Cobo Hall

The Detroit Shoppe - Detroit - 1520 Woodward Ave

The Detroit Shoppe - Troy - Somerset Collection - 3rd floor

Funky 7 - Royal Oak - 411 South Main St

Sole Sisters - Rochester - 329 South Main St

Triple Thread - Clawson - 25 West 14 Mile Rd

What do we want?
To make wearing our apparel a prideful experience for Detroiters and all of those who love the D. We'd also like a pet Rhino that we can ride down Woodward Ave.


The Detroit Shoppe at Cobo Hall
1 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226